Let's Fundraise for Dancers

When your studio or team signs up for Industry Mentors, 30% of the revenue from your subscription payments goes towards fundraising for your dancers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start fundraising?

Contact us at fundraise@industrymentors.com or click here to get started.

What is included in a subscription to Industry Mentors?

Every month you will gain access to new master classes, stories about overcoming challenges to succeed in the industry, and advice to help you reach your goals.

Does my whole team (or studio) need to subscribe?

We can fundraise with 1 participating dancer or 10,000+. There is no minimum requirement or maximum capacity. We simply empower you to use 30% of each subscription payment to help dancers have a better experience. Click here to get started.

Who can fundraise with Industry Mentors?

Fundraising is available for really any organization. Studios, teams, companies, crews, schools. Wherever dancers come together, we want to help. Get started by emailing us at fundraise@industrymentors.com or by clicking here.

How do I cancel?

Cancel at anytime by going to: My Account > Billing > Change Plan > Cancel Membership

or feel free to email us at anytime cancel@industrymentors.com

Let's Make an Impact Together


Videos on Navigating The Industry

Learn about the highs, the lows, the journey of making it in the industry. Professionals share advice, guidance & inspiring stories.

Online Master Classes

Learn hip hop & contemporary choreography from professionals who have worked with Disney, Netflix and more.

Online Training Blocks

Improve upon technique, mindset and more.